Software development for Space, Astronomy and Experimental Physics

Norbert Fiebig Astrotechnik is committed to development of custom software and systems for space applications, astronomical telescopes, instruments and cameras, as well as software for experimental physics.


— Qualified —

More than 25 years of experience in development of technical software and system design through all project phases, complemented by background know-how in astronomy, experimental physics and spaceflight.

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— Reliable —

Professional software engineering and system design services for all kindes of custom software in cientific and space applications. Support through all project phases, as well as consultancy and project management. Up to date and quality oriented processes.

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— Excellent —

Contribution to well-known projects, like Meteosat Third Generation, spaceborne laser communication terminals, control software for the ESO's Very Large Telescope and the "flying observatory" SOFIA, and remote camera servers for the European XFEL.

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ASTRO.control Logo The ASTRO.control concept provides an architecture and platform for development of control systems in astronomy and experimental physics. The system is based on robust industrial PC hardware for harsh environments, a tailored Linux distribution, being optimized for control applications, many device drivers available out of the box, a software infrastructure for control and real-time applications in C++ and specific protocols for communication between controller computers and operator workstations. This platform enables custom control applications to be developed efficiently and in a time-saving way.

The Remote Camera Server is an application built on this platform and available as a product.