Fiebig Astrotechnik is a technical bureau of physicist Norbert Fiebig, committed to development of software and system engineering for astronomy and space.

The proprietor is able to draw on nearly three decades of professional experience in development of technical software and design of control systems. His career included an evolution from permanent employee in a space software company, to founder and managing director of an embedded software company since 1996, and finally as Fiebig Astrotechnik with a dedicated service focus on astronomy and space.

However, an emphasis has always been on these areas, beginning with mission control software for the German Space Operation Center, through extensive contributions to the telescope control system of ESO's Very Large Telescope, to software development and system engineering for the tracking system of the "flying observatory" SOFIA, just to name some well-known milestones. Please see the references page for an overview of the wide range of experiences.

In the course of these numerous projects expertise through all development phases has been gained: from architecture and design, through coding and test, to integration and validation, as well as project and quality management. Modern development methods and tools form the basis for our services. The intrinsic quality sense of quality also proved to be of value in mission critical and safety critical projects, up to design assurance level DAL B, the second highest criticality of software systems in aerospace.

After numerous international missions at observatory sites, e.g. VLT at Cerro Paranal in Chile or Mojave desert in California where SOFIA is based, there is a proven experience in on-site services, e.g. for integration of new software or systems, modernization or maintenance.

As an amateur astronomer with an emphasis on minor planet astrometry and a qualification as a observatory station at the Minor Planet Center, Norbert is also well familiar with the observational practice.