The fund of experience from more than two decades of professional practice in the areas of technical software, embedded and realtime systems, and control software forms the solid foundation of our services. On this page we can only present an overview and exctraction of this rich know-how. If you have specific know how demands for your project, which are not mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact us and enquire this.

  • System programming and application development under Linux, Windows or VxWorks
  • Object oriented programming in C++
  • Object oriented design and modelling with UML
  • Platform independent Grahical User interfaces based on Qt framework
  • Network programming, socket API and various protocols
  • Development of client, server and device software for the INDI protocol
  • Client Software with support for the ASCOM interface
  • Modern software development methods, processes and tools
  • Documentation in english or german language
  • System engineering of embedded and real-time control systems
  • Experience with Industry PCs (IPCs), VMEbus systems, Single Board Computers (SBCs) and micro processors
  • Background knowledge in astrophysics, telescope & instrument technology, optics, CCD sensors, etc.

Requirements Management:

  • System requirements analysis and specification of software requirements
  • Requirements modelling in textual form or in UML notation (Use Cases, etc.)
  • Requirements management and traceability with tools like DOORS or Enterprise Architect
  • Change management, e.g. with tools like Redmine oder Mantis

Architecture and Design:

  • Object oriented system design in UML notation
  • Modelling tools like Enterprise Architect or Visio
  • Design documentation with MS Word or LibreOffice
  • Code generation from model, as well as roundtrip engineering, e.g. from model to code and back
  • Simulation and design of algorihms with MatLab

Implementation of Controller Software:

  • Operating systems: (RT) Linux, VxWorks, other RTOS, no OS (bare metal systems)
  • Programming languages: C / C++, Shell, Python
  • Network programming: UDP/TCP sockets, various protocols, e.g. INDI
  • Integrated Development Environments: Eclipse, QtCreator, Tornado
  • Version control: e.g. Subversion, GIT
  • Issue Tracking: e.g. Redmine, Mantis

Implementation of Client Software and Grpahical User Interfaces

  • Operating systems: Linux, Windows
  • Integrated Development Environments: Eclipse, QtCreator, Visual Studio, MatLab
  • GUI frameworks: Qt, PySide, MFC, TCL/TK
  • Programming languages: C / C++, Python, MatLab
  • Networking: UDP/TCP socket programming, various protocols, e.g. INDI
  • Version control: e.g. Subversion, GIT
  • Issue Tracking: e.g. Redmine, Mantis


  • Unit tests with CppUnit or GTest
  • System tests: SIL, HIL, simulators
  • Test automation with scripts
  • Creation of test plans and test procedures
  • Test execution and recording / protocol