The fund of experience from more than two decades of professional practice in the areas of technical software, embedded and real-time systems, and control software forms the solid foundation of our services. On this page we can only present an overview of this rich know-how. If you have specific know how demands for your project, which are not mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact us and inquire this.

  • System programming and application development under Linux, Windows or VxWorks
  • Object oriented programming in C++
  • Object oriented design and modeling with UML
  • Platform independent Graphical User interfaces based on Qt framework
  • Network programming, socket API and various protocols
  • Development of client, server and device software for the INDI protocol
  • Client Software with support for the ASCOM interface
  • Modern software development methods, processes and tools
  • Documentation in English or German language
  • System engineering of embedded and real-time control systems
  • Experience with Industry PCs (IPCs), VMEbus systems, Single Board Computers (SBCs) and micro processors
  • Background knowledge in astrophysics, telescope & instrument technology, optics, CCD sensors, etc.

Requirements Management:

  • System requirements analysis and specification of software requirements
  • Requirements modelling in textual form or in UML notation (Use Cases, etc.)
  • Requirements management and traceability with tools like DOORS or Enterprise Architect
  • Change management, e.g. with tools like Redmine oder Mantis

Architecture and Design:

  • Object oriented system design in UML notation
  • Modelling tools like Enterprise Architect or Visio
  • Design documentation with MS Word or LibreOffice
  • Code generation from model, as well as round trip engineering, e.g. from model to code and back
  • Simulation and design of algorithms with MatLab

Implementation of Controller Software:

  • Operating systems: (RT) Linux, VxWorks, other RTOS, no OS (bare metal systems)
  • Programming languages: C / C++, Shell, Python
  • Network programming: UDP/TCP sockets, various protocols, e.g. INDI
  • Integrated Development Environments: Eclipse, QtCreator, Tornado
  • Version control: e.g. Subversion, GIT
  • Issue Tracking: e.g. Redmine, Mantis

Implementation of Client Software and Graphical User Interfaces

  • Operating systems: Linux, Windows
  • Integrated Development Environments: Eclipse, QtCreator, Visual Studio, MatLab
  • GUI frameworks: Qt, PySide, MFC, TCL/TK
  • Programming languages: C / C++, Python, MatLab
  • Networking: UDP/TCP socket programming, various protocols, e.g. INDI
  • Version control: e.g. Subversion, GIT
  • Issue Tracking: e.g. Redmine, Mantis


  • Unit tests with CppUnit or GTest
  • System tests: SIL, HIL, simulators
  • Test automation with scripts
  • Creation of test plans and test procedures
  • Test execution and recording / protocol