Software for Andor Cameras

Andor Technology ™ is a leading manufacturer of cutting edge CCD, EMCCD and SCMOS cameras which receive great interest in the astronomy community, e.g. as science cameras in instruments or as technical cameras in tracking systems.

Fiebig Astrotechnik supports customers with software services and solutions for Andor camera control.

Do you need any custom software to get your Andor camera working in your setup?  --- Consider it done.

Fiebig Astrotechnik has experience with developing software for Andor cameras, e.g. for configuration, setup and operation of the camera, image acquisition, real-time image processing, integration with custom software, connecting to custom communication protocol, etc.

In particular on Linux, all that Andor delivers for camera software is a plain SDK (software development kit). It requires quite some time and effort to understand the camera from a software point of view, get acquainted with the SDK, develop your specific camera control software and finally integrate it into your software environment. Fiebig Astrotechnik provides custom services to reduce this effort and shorten time to sky. I am offering to implement all or parts of the software you need according to your specification.

Your benefit: saving a lot of time and effort for low level software development. Focus on your core project.

ASTRO.control development platform

There is no need to start from scratch. The concept and architecure of ASTRO.control has been manifested in a software; we call it the ASTRO.control development platform. It provides a foundation and environment on which specific camera control applications can be implemented efficiently. The platform includes:

  • Support for a wide range of industrial grade PCs. IPCs are robust enough for harsh observatory environment, have low power consumption and heat dissipation, and are available in every configuration and performance class.
  • A dedicated Linux distribution, tailored for embedded control software is used as operating system.
  • A software infrastructure for process control, configuration, error handling, event logging, image acquisition and real-time processing, FITS storage, image transfer over network, etc. is provided.
  • Ready application modules even allow for out-of-the-box solutions. An interesting example is a small IPC box, to which the camera is connected via USB, which just provides an interface for camera control and upload of images over Ethernet, Fibre Optics or WiFi.

ASTRO.control supports the most appealing Andor cameras for astronomy out of the box.

iKon XL 230
iKon XL 231
iXon Ultra 888
iXon Ultra 897
iXon 3 888
iXon 3 860
iKon L 936

For support of other models please contact us.